To speak German, 
you have to start speaking it.
… and also you need a real challenge. Bitte schön!

Guaranteed outcome

15 minute real-life conversation with a German native speaker after just 10 weeks


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Language learning built for
your tongue not your thumb

Join our speaking challenges and...
You'll start to speak German in
Full Sentences from day one.
This is how your life will change in just 10 weeks from now:
Have real German conversations
with anyone
without fear
Be confident where ever you travel
and find your
way around
Make new friends and
feel at home 
like you are
one them
... and all this without worrying about grammar all the time.  You won’t feel strange and you won’t have to translate in your head anymore.  

  • You can focus on exploring Germany
  • Live and work in Germany and start the career you always dreamed of
  • Deepen relationships with your family, spouse and those that matter

That's what we want to happen for you. And if you join this challenge, we know you can do it... even if right now you still think this sounds like a far-fetched dream!

Let us show you how this 10-week Challenge we will make you speak:
By joining the 10-Week
German Challenges you will get:
500+ video lessons both
in German and English

5000+ voice-recognition speaking exercises
Language coach
available via video and email

Available on your smartphone and tablet

This will work for you, even if you...
  • Have "no talent" for languages
  • Have no time to learn German
  • Have tried and failed before
  • ​Think German is too difficult 
  • ​Feel stressed when you speak
  • ​Are a total beginner in German
How do I know?
Because we have created the Magiclingua method from years of teaching students that finally want to speak German ...
Hey, my name is Silver, 

and not too long ago I was just like you...

Let me tell you a quick story about the time I planned to move to Germany but had no German language skills at all.
I started off with classical self-study methods spending hours on filling in blanks and answering multiple-choice questions. But I was struggling to practice my German. I had no one to talk to.

I felt that I was learning words but anytime I had to speak, I would be blocked because I just couldn't get out proper sentences. And I was afraid that I would be making mistakes.

You see, the problem I had was that I was in a vicious circle. I could not speak, so I was not getting speaking practice. And because I was not able to get speaking practice, my German skills did not improve.

As you can imagine, I was desperate, but I wasn't ready to give up on my dream of being able to feel confident and making Germany my new home. 

That was when I had my big a-ha moment. 

I realized that I had to break out of this circle and get into a regular speaking and conversion mode - meaning I had to create a new habit of speaking German and ignore my fear of making mistakes. And guess what? I started to speak.

That's when I realized it wasn't my fault! I was failing because although my goal was to speak German, I was doing everything else but that. No wonder I was struggling. 

I used what I discovered to build the unique Magiclingua Method over the past 3 years. 

Here is why it works so well...

We'll build your conversation habit
because it is the #1 key to speaking German fluently.
You see, when it comes to learning anything in life, may it be a language like German, playing the piano or dancing, when you practice regularly you will become really good at it

This is science and it has been proven - not only by scientist - but I have experienced it myself when I was learning German.

So we have created the Magiclingua method to help you break through speaking barriers and build up your conversation habit in this 10 weeks challenge and after. That is our secret sauce.
How it works
Step #1
Watch video lessons and easily
understand the grammar you need
How many times have you wished for a simple explanation of how things work in another language? Or even better, to have them explained by a teacher who’s a native speaker?

Those short explanations will give you all the grammar you need to start speaking another language.  Nothing more, nothing less. Also, learning in small chunks will boost your efficiency while mastering a new language.
Our language instructors will guide you through the whole course and keep you motivated with their energy and personality.
Step #2
Practice speaking while
no one else listens
After the video tutorial, it’s your turn to speak! You can apply what you’ve learned immediately.  This will help you retain it much better. Our smart conversation bot will be patient, won't judge you and will let you practice as long as you want without any fear or awkwardness.

Step #3
Put your new German languages skills to
action in real-life conversations with natives
Nothing can ever replace a real-life conversation!
And now that you’ve gained enough confidence to know what to say and how to say it, you’re ready to chat with native speakers without fear of embarrassment. This means you’ll be able to enjoy your session from the beginning to the end. Our tutor sessions last 30 minutes. During each session, you will speak in dialogs, describe images and listen to how spoken language sounds.
This is what our students say
Leo learning German:
"With other apps, you're stuck with the basics for ages. With Magiclingua, you’ll move fast and feel real progress literally every day."
Your German instructors
“This 10 week challenge is the result of many years of teaching experience“
Anja has produced videos for learning German for many years, and is extremely popular with our students for her funny but clear teaching. 

She has worked previously as a certified German teacher. All our tutors are native German speakers, and know exactly how to bring you to the next level. 
Your 10-Weeks Challenge Program Outline
✓ You will learn to handle all the important real-life conversations with ease.
✓ All lessons are organised in small chunks and you can follow them week by week.
✓ We help you to get into your conversation habit and make you master German nearly "automagically" ;)
We offer two levels: Beginner and Intermediate. 
We will help you determine your level after your enrollment. 
However, you can still decide for yourself later.
Challenge facts at a glance
Both: Beginner and Intermediate. 
Have a 15-minute conversation in German
Every Monday. You decide!
Self-study and coaching
Our speaking method has received a lot of love 💜
We're so confident you’ll make great progress that we
offer you a money back guarantee if you don’t.
We really want to see you succeed. If you go through the program and complete all speaking exercises you’ll get so much speaking practice that you’ll feel confident having a 15 minutes conversation in German.
Whether you pick the package with or without tutors, at the end of the program you’ll have a final conversation over video-chat with your personal coach.
If you feel this challenge didn’t help you to get your German to the next level you get your money back!

You have nothing to lose, only amazing new language skills and a transformed “German life" to gain…

If you're ready to get started, just click the button below!


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Pay once and keep access to the course contents forever
  •  ✔ Includes both Beginner and intermediate challenges
  • ✔ 2 x 250+ video lessons
  • ✔ 2 x 2500+ speaking exercises
  •  ✔ Lifetime access
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